Ecommerce strategies that improve conversions + increase revenue

By identifying the hurdles in your ecommerce strategy we can improve conversion rates and increase revenue. Rewarding you by understanding how to get the best out of your website.

If you already have an online store but you want to see more visitors, more sales, higher revenue and stronger conversion rates, it is crucial that your ecommerce strategy is robust. Understanding your business, inside and out is how we can help increase all of these metrics; working closely with you to build a strategy that is right for you and your business.

Being commercially focused and experts in ecommerce, we look into the small things, as well as the big, including the activities you are already performing to ensure that these are working for you as effectively as possible.

We can identify the hurdles in ecommerce and build a strategy to improve conversion and profits.

Jon acts as the Ecommerce Director for Having been a retailer Jon knows what is important commercially as well as then having the technical knowledge get that implemented in the best way and without the wool being pulled over our eyes on costs or being over specified.

Hudson set a very challenging target 12 months ago to increase sales by 70% and Jon reverse engineered it to show what we/he needed to do to traffic, conversion rates, usability & site design whilst balancing that against enhancing the brand experience for users. He then managed this process either through the team here, through the services The Fresh Lab offer or in choosing the right partners for Hudson.

The Fresh Lab helped us to exceed that target and we consider him an important member of the team in helping to build the Hudson brand.

Ian Cartwright
Managing Director – Hudson Shoe Agencies

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